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Wakina Kandia


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Kusaga: A Waste Bank Initiative

KUSAGA means 'to recycle' in Swahili. It aims to create ways in which municipal solid waste from residential and commercial areas can be collected and turned to cash. Africa as a whole is not at the level it should be when it comes to recycling and reusing. KUSAGA's vision is therefore to: create a 3Rs mentality towards waste disposal; reduce the amount of solid waste contributing to land, air and water pollution; aid and solidify current efforts being put towards conservation of the environment and reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. KUSAGA is essentially a recycling centre and waste bank initiative. The processes are as follows: (1) Those in residential and commercial areas can collect the waste they produce and practice source segregation. (2) This waste can then be taken to their nearest KUSAGA waste bank, which is a waste collection point. (3) After registering, the waste bank will offer them a card on which they can earn points. The number of points allocated are dependent on the nature and amount of recyclable goods they bring in e.g. paper, plastic, glass waste etc. (4) The recyclable goods are then transported to the KUSAGA recycling centre where the waste is sorted and compacted in order to be transported to different recycling plants throughout the country. (5) Accumulated points can be redeemed and turned to cash thus creating additional income.

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