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My name is Karla Giovanna and I born in Belém, Pará – Amazônia, Brazil. I grow up being a activist of Environmental and decide study environmental and sanitary engineering in the University Federal of Pará. I developed a innovation for the treatment of water for the riverside regions of Amazon and in 2017 I was selected to participated of Water Innovation Lab Brazil, in 2018 I won a sponsorship to participated of the World Water Forum 8 and show the innovation. Also, I co-founded in 2017 the group of study “Town for women” to study and decide strategies to create a city gender sensitive, in Belém, with the laboratory of the city, a nonprofit institution born in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2017 I co-founded with a group of university students the Samtec Jr, a Junior company who disseminates the Sustainable Development Goals in Amazon Paraense through innovative actions focused exclusively on the Amazon and democratizing the knowledge in sanitation and environment because I believe in a sustainable world and I decided to be the change that I want see.

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Karla Giovanna Braga