June 24, 2019 05:31

Hey! Your idea is very important to the sociaty.
I think that closing partnerships with collectors and recycling cooperatives would be really cool.
Wish lucky to you. Today my vote is for you!
If you want see my project in Amazon, here it's:

Comment on: Kids Who Code
June 22, 2019 01:27

Charlie, your project is very important.
A kid is a revolution!
I wish you success and courage in this journey of revolution.
If you want to see my project in Amazon, here is the link:

June 22, 2019 01:18

Hello Maria!
Your project is amazing!!!
But I think that your project can be better if you put some informations about your statistical impact social.
However, I love it!
Sucess to you

Comment on: All Bananas
June 22, 2019 01:02

Hey Flavio! É sempre bom se conectar com brasileiros que estejam inovando em um mercado mais sustentável no Brasil! Adorei sua ideia e te desejo sucesso.
Sou da Amazônia e caso você queira saber mais sobre meu projeto, você pode me apoiar através do link