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Interior Design, Graphic Design, Political Science and Law

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Technical College in Interior Design, Student,2011-2013.
Gremio Estudantil,Class Representative,2011-2012.
First Conference of Biology,Coordinator,2011.
Eighth Week of National Science and Technology in Pernambuco,Competitor,17-23 of october 2011.
XVII Ciência Joven,competitor,26-28 of october 2011.
Second Conference of Biology,Coordinator,2012.
Program of Personal Economy Junior Achievement,Student,2011.
Program of Mini-Enterprise Junior Achievement,Chief Financial Officer,2011.
Introduction to informatics,Student,2009.
First Week of Design in ETEPAM,Logistics Coordinator,2012.
Introduction to business ,Student,2011.
Interchange Program, Exchange Student,2012-2013.
Musical, actress,2012.
Soccer time, Player,2012.
Glee club,Player,2012.
Volunteer in the Confederations Cup, guide and translator, 2013.
3 Scientific Initiations , Researcher, 2013.
Volunteer at Pernambuco no Clima ( international science fair at my state ), translator,2013.
Adote uma Memoria Project, Researcher and leader, 2013.
Prep Program, mentee, 2013.
IASP, participant with scientific initiation, 2013.
Life Up, Reasercher and representative, 2013.

Featured Student, Escola Técnica Estadual Professor Agamemnom Magalhães,2011.
Featured Student, Escola Técnica Estadual Professor Agamemnom Magalhães,2012.
Second place in all my State , Selection for the Interchange Project win the world,2012.
Entrepreneur Featured,Junior Achievement,2011.
Best Player of The Year, Karate team,2009.
Best Player of The Year, Karete team,2010.
First and Second place, The State Championship,2008.
First and Second place, The State Championship,2010.
First and Second place, The State Championship,2011.
First Place on fight,The Regional championship,2010.
Most Valuable Player, School team of Mount Tahoma High School,2012.
Featured Student, Escola Técnica Estadual Professor Agamemnom Magalhães,2013
Olimpic Games of Chemistry, first place in my school, 2013.
Championship of essays, first in my state,2013.
First place in the Microsoft Blue Print Challenge, International Fair, 2013- 2014. ( I am going with me team to LA in June to participat in the microsoft world Cup :D )

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Karla Lima


Project Overview

Mobtec: the workshop of nature.

The mobtec is a reuse of the physical residue in the creation of eco-products for use in the development of environmentally friendly furniture and home accessories. Furthermore, it was thought about the participation, awareness and empowerment of society so that it could produce its own eco-products. Whether for personal use or generation of source of income thus meeting concepts of citizenship and good environmental practice. This proposal came through the problems that exist in Brazil and are replicated worldwide. Brazil produces 250 000 tons of daily garbage where only 2% is recycled. Another problem is that Brazil has 16.27 million people in extreme poverty, which represents 8.5% of the population. The identification of people living below the poverty line. Therefore the project is carried out in a lifecycle where lectures are given on the process of selective collection, creation of eco-products, design concepts and ergonomics, entrepreneurship, marketing and sales; creation of eco-products, after-sales tracking, preparation of book and video lessons to be viewed remotely and thus being able to benefit more people. Since one of the most potential markets in this century is the ecological products destined to the end consumer. Thus what was being produced and would keep the project and would provide conditions for participants to keep participating. We believe that such action may not only promote social change, as it may reflect in other field such as education, health and economic.

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