June 27, 2017 11:41

Hi Seth

Thank you once again. I love writing and it is my dream to be an author one day.

Cheers and keep up the spirit. I am sure you are an inspiration to many.

Best regards.

June 26, 2017 18:48

Dear Shuhra

Thank you for your encouraging words. I really appreciate your time.

To answer your question; This initiative can be extended to all areas suffering from flood because It is heartbreaking to see the flood water drying up without being utilizing for anything useful. I still believe that this water can be used for many things and I will keep on exploring ways of using this water in a best way possible.

Thank you

June 26, 2017 18:39

Dear Mr Seth

Thank you very much for the word of encouragement and I highly appreciate your questions too.

To answer your question, I started thinking of what will remedy the situation of excessive flood and lack of food in rural areas. Then I came up with this idea of storing rain and flood water in order to generate food throughout the year because people in rural area only grow pearl millet during the rainy season. Equally, not all the years people are generating enough pearl millet because some years lack rain. But, flood water happens every year because it is influenced by water flowing from our neighboring country Angola into Namibia.

This excessive flood normally occurs every year and most time people are frustrated because it causes damages to properties and causing loss of lives too. Initiative to use this water in valuable ways like use it for crop farming can help the community to produce food because now we are allowing this water to dry up without utilizing it. Normally, in my village for the flood water to dry up it takes two to four months but, I am thinking if we start pumping the water for crop farming, i believe it will subside the water quickly and schools and roads will not close down anymore for longer period of time in comparison to what is currently happening.

I am thinking of starting with 15 tanks because this project is going to be a distributor of vegetables and fruits at a lower price. While per household, they will required few tanks if they are to grow crops only for own consumption, unless they also what to turn it into a business. If these tanks cannot sustain my field during the dry season, I will ask permission from the water cooperation to pump water from a nearby canal for crop farming. Furthermore, tap water is accessed in my village, I can use it when the need arises, but I cannot advise people to start farming with tap water because the country is already facing clear water shortage in some areas.

Your question also make me to think that maybe is high time for the communities to incorporate vegetable farming into their field during rainy season. As current they are only growing Pearl millet, so that when they are going to use flood water for farming during the dry season, I will not require to much water until the crops are ready.

I hope I have answered your question well. Thank you.