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i am good at managing people, thinking innovatively, good imaginative skill,

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a mentor who can further improve my idea, since being fresher i couldn't guess all the consequences of the idea.i am also looking for an investor who likes my proposal and ready to invest in me.

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i am 21years old graduate in mechanical stream. i am from a below middle class family where we tried very hard to even fulfill our all needs, this is what the actual reason that makes me think which would be helpful to people.i am just academically topper till now i havent thought of all these except on my studies, once iam done with those i just entered into your compeition.i have done an internship as campus ambassador with IIM-B and also done social ambassador with QRIUS.i have organizd many events that were held in our college most successfully. i was the college secretary who is going to take care of all events schedule, financing, seeking chief guest to attend the event and many more.

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Rajesh karri


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