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I am a graphic designer, currently in photography and other ventures such as painting, production of various items.

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I need funding as well as marketing to reach outside my boarders and trade globally

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I remember that day like it was just happening yesterday. I had just finished form 3 and i had nothing to do the months that followed, waiting to go start my form 4. I started drawing, drawing was always something I enjoyed doing. So i drew my mother Basebi Mosinyi and gave her the image, she was like “so you are an artist, you should join art classes.” That is when my journey into arts began.

After graduated at Limkokwing in 2015 with Diploma in Graphic Design, I thought of digitalising my art. My sweet loving and supportive mother bought me my first camera 70D Canon I was over the moon. I spent few years learning the camera and photography was hard. I met my mentor Mpho Ponoesele of Nerdy Creatives, she took me through her shoots and showed me a few tricks. I will forever be greatful for her.

As the years went by still struggling to find my niche with a few clients here and there, finally in 2019 God answred me. I found myself wanting to do more than the norm. I offered free shoots to people I know personally to build a new portfolio for my business. 2019 marked the new beginning both personality and in business.

The decision to just start and build a portfolio without getting anything has opened doors for me and still is. The fact that i did not have clients as compared to other photographers really got me on my feet.

My encouragement to other youth is “Use the resources within your means to start never wait”. In 2018 as a young mother, I wanted to bring something to the young girls in Botswana, a product I had been using for over 7 years. A menstrual cup. I am proud to say my dream has been realized. We now sell menstrual cup to all women still having their monthly menstrual flow. With the help of my family I hope to achieve more, do more in years to come.

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Kefilwe Ndubo


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