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Circle Empowerment Development Initiative Sierra Leone is a youth-led organization that focuses on contributing to the economic, social, political culture etc. Aspects of Sierra Leone through Agriculture. Empowerment and Education. It is no secret that Sierra Leone’s development is shrouded by a lot of vices which affects the development strides made by present and previous governments. There are issues around corruption, health, education, social and cultural integration etc. and these are eating deeply into the very fabric of the country’s development.
The consequences of the eleven (11) years of civil conflict the Ebola breakout and the cover 19 breakouts in Sierra Leone have not only reached beyond human imagination but the destruction of development in the nation. The level of poverty across the country became alarming immediately after the Civil War and Ebola and cover 19 breakouts because the young men and women who have been doing agricultural activities in the rural villages urbanized themselves in the cities and towns. As a result, poverty increases where people spent less than a dollar a day, although both the Government and non-Governmental has performed extremely well to gradually bring life back to normal but more is needed to be done especially in the area of agriculture as proposed by our organization for massive rice production.
In that connection, Youth empowerment and employment facilities greatly address the above problems. Therefore Circle Empowerment Development Initiative (CEDI) is now formed by some members, dedicated and patriotic grassroots people who have been waiting for job facilities elsewhere to reinforce faster economic growth, capacity building and other basic necessities of life. Based on this scenario over two hundred (200) young men and women in this organization have decided to leave Freetown with all its social amenities and join our brothers and sisters in the rural villages, embarked on intensive Agricultural activities to meet youth employment facilities, food security for household sustainability and to reduce grassroots concentration in the Western Area (Freetown).
Rice is the staple food that is widely eaten across the country. Rice cultivation has proven to be a powerful household food security strategy by making available varieties of food products to thousands of household members throughout the years.
Rice is widely grown in Sierra Leone by a large number of small householders because it can be grown under stress conditions. It is believed that rice-growing will be greatly contributed to the economic development of the based communities that will be involved.
From the point of view of food security and income-generating we, therefore, create more opening for Youth employment, opportunities in Freetown and beyond. In the process of rice cultivation, processing and marketing scientific support and advice are highly needed which will help overcome important problems within the production, processing and marketing continuum.

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