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My name is KEMAL ABDELA. Originally from Oromia, Ethiopia.
I am the founder and president of O-YES Global Foundation, CEO of Almatin Trading & Consultancy plc, and project manager of Kush Bank(under formation). I was lecturer in Sakon Nakhon Rajabha in Thailand.

I am a Global Citizen, member of International Youth Council , and other national youth organisations.

I am passionate about helping disadvantages and young people who are powerful to change the world that we all want to see. It’s because of this fact that I initiated the idea of establishing an organization that seeks and provides opportunities for disadvantages particularly youth. Then, i have established a not for profit organisation” Opportunities for Youth Empowerment and Success(O-YES in short) Global Foundation on 19th of August 2014.

Currently, O-YES is running several youth based programs in Africa and Asia particularly in Ethiopia and Thailand.
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Kemal Abdela