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sustainable energies, environment, poverty reduction

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Good training on entrepreneurship

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MasterI in ecology biodiversity and environment,i have been trained on project building and financial management of association. i have also been trained on business plan building by an enterprise of the town. I’am managing a student association now.i have a certificate of african forum on green economy and eco-management

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Müller Nandou


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Waste recycling in ecological coal

kemit ecology comes from two words. Kemit which means black as charcoal and ecology which mean interaction between people, animals, nature and ather ecological complexe system. This enterprise was founded in 2012 by a little group of young students in ecology biodiversity and environment with objectives to: try to give a solution to the problem of waste management in the town of Douala, preserve our mangrov forest which have enough adventage to fight agains climat change and to help population with sustainable energy, create a big market of wates, reducing poverty by empowing women and youth in this market, training and educate people on waste management to offer them a cleany and healthy environment. Our activities are: production of coal using solid organics and biodegradables waste, production of ecological soap by ugged oil, tree plantation environmental assessment, sentization, conferences, debate, colloquia, simposia. Our innovative approache is recycling our smoke by pomping them in a colomn of water to make organic and mineralised water better for plants assimilation.

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