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Marketing,risk analysis,team leadership,project management.

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We already have a proven sustainable model that generates revenue.We are seeking investors to inject into our budiness a minimum of $100,000 to enable us set up at least 10 branches equiped with our own low cost clinics, to serve our members without having to partner with privately owned local clinics  within Kibera and Mathare slums,all based in Nairobi.These will enable us be able to register over 2500 members ,each required to deliver garbage amounting to  $25 monthly  in exchange of 2 clinic visits per monthly .By attaining these milestone,we shall be able to generate $ 62500 monthly in revenue while enabling over 5000 uninsured women and children be able to access healthcare and medical check ups twice every montth.

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Am Kennedy Lamwenya,founder/CEO of Sunpoynt Health. I was born and raised in rural Kenya but currently based in Nairobi City Kenya.I have been a social entrepreneur for the past 6 yrs ,initially having worked in senior sales roles for social companies in solar,water and clean cooking across East Africa for 9 years.Am so passionate about improving lives,reducing energy-poverty levels.
As the brain child behind these idea,where am implementing it through a registered trade name of Sunpoynt Health, am fully committed to these enterprise ,currently working full-time together with a full-time team of 5 staff members ,10 part-timers and 6 volunteers,all recruited from the slum we operate from.The passion,vision and energy shown by each of these team enables us deliver great value and impact to our users right from training,education,awareness building in churches,vetting standards of partner healthcare centers to service delivery.

Additionally,am a highly skilled strategic planning, execution and sales and marketing professional with 9 years proven experience in building professional relationships, developing successive business growth strategies & developing and implementing new strategies and procedures. Am confident that my in-depth experience will enable me achieve the set targets and grow my venture towards achieve massive impact and revenue.

Am a social entrepreneur with over 9 years combined experience in sales and marketing where i have spent 6 years in building rural distribution structures for social enterprises ,water ,health solutions and energy efficient technologies in East ,Central & West Africa Africa. My greatest desire is to combine social entrepreneurship to fight energy poverty levels as well as increase health access among slum and rural communities in East Africa.
In May 2006,during second term of the final year of my Secondary Education, just few months before national examinations,my parents were unable to raise my second term fees due to financial crisis at home,where a lot of money was spent into paying for my mums medical bill in hospital.Being away from school during a crucial term of the year while my fellow classmates being taught,i faced one of the toughest challenge of my life.After idling at home for 2 weeks as my dad struggled to raise the fees,i decided to face my problem head on.I approached school principal to allow me supply electronic calculators to my fellow students since it was a requirement by the ministry of education but most students were buying fake ones .Luckily,after being allowed,i approached a vendor and we agreed on a deal to supply 950 units earning me $0.55/piece raking $522.5 within 2 weeks.Hurrah!! I had raised enough school fees for entire year plus paying medical bills for my mother & exams fees for brother.

Additionally, during my 3rd year in University, With $200 in savings, I set up a plastic waste collection business within the university. It entailed having dust bins with main student social centres, restaurants and hostels to collect used plastic bottles, which i would later sell to recycling campaniles at $0.45 per kg. Within 7 months,i earned $4275 in revenue, employed 4 full-time staff collected 9.5 tons of plastic waste and managed to pay full university fees & my siblings. Was awarded student of the year award .I have had passion working with waste .

Moreover, In 2014,with a team of 20 staff,I developed, implemented and monitored a clean lighting project after successfully reaching out to school heads, local education officers & donors for funding. Main project objective was to supply 20,000 rural school pupils with 20,000 solar powered lamps to improve their education standards through unlimited study time offered by the lamps. These project was implemented in Western province in Kenya where 20,000 school pupils received solar lamps, where one solar lamp was delivered to one household for use by children in that respective family.

As the lead convener of the project, I managed to draft 20 grant proposals that were submitted to over 20 donor Organizations & 15 philanthropic Organizations. These yielded $200,000 in donor funding towards these projects that covered the entire project costs. Over 100,000 kids are benefiting directly from the lamps, saving families $400,000 annually in kerosine costs annually.

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Kennedy Lamwenya