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Keron Bascombe is an “agriblogger & mobile journalist” who strives to keep food and agriculture at the forefront of world issues through the power of the media.

He was first introduced to social media and digital design while an exchange student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
He has worked as a social reporter trainer for the Technical Center for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation — the joint institution of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific group of states and the European Union, which views small holder agriculture as a vibrant and sustainable business.

In 2011 Keron entered a Youth in Agriculture blog competition, which launched his Tech4Agri company. Tech4Agri became a registered business in 2014, and has since earned multiple awards, with wprk & volunteer experience in over 30 countries. He is currently developing a docu-series using 360-degree video, drone journalism, and other formats to create a unique learning and visual experience with the overall aim of understanding T&T’s food systems. His special emphasis in his work is agricultural innovation and broader environmental and development themes including climate change and youth development.

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Keron Bascombe