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I am 24 years old a procurement & logistics graduate with a deep passion for entrepreneurship

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Kevin Mbakulo


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Western provinces accounts for 80% of the sugar produced in the country and in as much as it is a cash crop there, sugarcane farming is entrenched in their culture but the harsh reality to this region is the importation of cheap sugar into the country which is a political issue and part of the regional trading pact (COMESA) hence the farmers situation cant be salvaged. It is for this reason and owing to the current harsh economic conditions that western region farmers need to shed off this cultural sugarcane farming and embrace short term high earning farming methods such as commercial poultry farming, passion fruit, onion, tomato, sweet pepper and strawberry farming. My business idea is premised on the above economic situation in my western province region hence in that regard am planning to set up an agribusiness centre on an acre piece of land whereby I will plant short term high earning crops such as mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, pepper and passion fruits. The agribusiness centre will also have a warehouse whereby processing, grading, packaging, branding, and preservation of the above mentioned crops will be done before they are delivered to the respective markets. I intend to invest a lot of resources in marketing the products both domestically and internationally through liaising with online sites, NGOs and corporate such as fresh produce export association of Kenya (FPEAK). Target market is mostly supermarkets, green groceries and individual consumers both domestically and internationally hence will operate as both a business to business and business to consumer model. The innovative aspect of my business idea lies in the line of business itself as it is unique in terms of operation and too it is a virgin sector that is yet to be fully exploited in light of the opportunities therein.

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