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Medicine, Programmer, Multimedia systems, Creative, patient and enterprising

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I need contacts for the support of technological resources to exercise the final prototype and to expand my idea and thus be able to work in a future company and have the power to distribute worldwide to potential clients

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Since I was a small child I loved to be self-taught in innovation and to modify some inventions or recreate old inventions as a hobby, 4 years ago I began to study medicine and I realized that my hobbies could be combined with medicine, from that moment I thought Create or devise some inventions and innovations that are needed in the social and medical field for a better treatment and care, for 2 years I have been dedicated to investigate what are the most common medical problems due to lack of technological resources in my country and in others Countries with low index of investment in these devices, that impulse me even more and to devise alternative solutions starting from the smallest to creating project with greater social impact than even development, that is why since last year, I stopped being anonymous and decided to enter Innovations that promote solutions to social problems, as in the Latin American rally of innovation last year, S this year I had the opportunity to take part in something more focused on medicine and innovation and concurred in the IDEATON that consisted in creating inclusion ideas for people with visual disabilities that was organized by Teleton and the national council of technology and innovation of my country, the Who believes this bracelet sensoperceptivo and I was the winner, since that time in participated in online courses on entrepreneurship and I have followed up to participate in competitions Central American and national prizes of innovation that have not yet been made, where I hope to win , And so the people of the world know my country through my effort to attract the investment in the medical technology, which has little medical economic income for the population, and thus gain recognition to continue creating more

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Kevin Virgilio Morales Chamorro