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I'm a Paralegal, pursuing an MBA in Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a love for fashion and health conscious living

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Access to a lab (for experimenting and sampling)

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Eleven (11) years experience in the legal environment and a provider of Paralegal services, coupled with a love for nature, colour and fashion led me to the board of an international fashion house, where I functioned in the capacity of Corporate Secretary.
In pursuit of a desire to specialize and create a new platform in the field of Paralegal studies I enrolled in an MBA in Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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Khandice Bramble

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The combination of natural fibres + natural scents (the Flora and Fauna of the Caribbean) = ECO SCENT FABRIC. Wear your stress away CLOTHING THAT CURES. Eco scent fabric is the infusion of natural scents, with varied Skin Care, Therapeutic and/or Pharmaceutical benefits into the walls of the natural fabric. Employing the concept of the patch, the Eco scented garment will be lined in the inner wall of the fabric. Envision wearing a garment made from Eco scented Fabric, be it: Floral (stress reducer), Lavender (Calming and Relaxing Agent), Hemp (for glaucoma), Chamomile (Anxiety Soother, Digestion Assistant), Coconut (Slow Heart and Reduces Blood Pressure) and/or Sandalwood (Assist in Meditation). Eco scented fabric offers an eco-conscious humanity, an eco-friendly alternative to Skin Care, Therapeutic and/or Medicinal needs and lifestyle, by proposing new health conscious, less monotonous and burdensome way of life, with the ability to eradicate the need for oral medicinal intake and dietetics having to infect ones self daily. Based in Trinidad and Tobago Eco scented fabric is a fabric created from natural fibres infused with scents with Skin Care, Therapeutic and/or Pharmaceutical benefits with future recommendations to explore and develop alternative fibres synonymous to the Caribbean such as fabric made from the coconut trees thereby fostering sustainable development.

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