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Human Rights, Public Policy, Gender Mainstreaming, Research, Communications, Writing, Editing, dvocacy,

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Africa-based small-scale farmers associations (beekeeping, date/palm, cashew apples) those prioritising women, youth and disabled persons in particular; funding

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I am a co-founder and CEO of Matawi, a socially and environmentally impactful alcoholic honey beverage (mead) startup headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa. I abandoned a human rights career, frustrated by the glacial pace of socio-economic change wrought by the research, advocacy and policy development efforts I professionally supported. Matawi is thus a vehicle intended to provide impoverished persons, particularly rural women and youth, with income-generating and employment opportunities. The Matawi collection also offers conscious consumers a considerably less water-intensive alcoholic beverage, consuming less than 10% of the water required to produce traditional alcohols, made from base ingredients that must be irrigated for months on end.

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Nokukhanya Mncwabe


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