August 28, 2016 22:37

Hello Olorunfemi,

Thanks for your constructive comment. In Malawi such projects are mainly initiated by government and private sector. Some players in the civil society are also implementing such projects but targeting the general communities in slums and rural areas. There is potential for partnerships with other civil society organisations and government for knowledge sharing and technological support.

I have also come across low cost and environmental friendly housing technology such as ecostep sand bags building. This technology can be adopted in Malawi with innovative finance mechanism the project can be implemented. It might take long I know.


Comment on: kingjaheed Royal Palm
May 26, 2016 18:24

I like when youth involve in food production projects.

Comment on: BOOST IDEA
April 11, 2016 22:47

These are the kind of initiatives we need to undertake. I would like to suggest that the hunting and inspiring of entrepreneur should begin as far as the university level. Many universities don't teach us entrepreneurship and business opportunities available in our economies. so if we take the initiative to universities many students will prepare themselves even before they graduate.