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Ronald Kidasa


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With the goal of championing social causes and advocating for positive change using the pen, the lens, the brush, the canvass, the voice, the body & the mind, ART-ivism is an initiative Ive had in mind for quite a while now. Ive always thought to myself that since people who appreciate and create art, are often likeminded and free spirited. Art in all its forms makes a nice inception point and serves as perfect common ground to appeal to their empathy. Imagine the synergy in using art for positive change. Both as a medium for social awareness campaigns to disseminate positive vital education & as a means to finance and further charitable causes. So Im appealing to all social entrepreneurs, altruists & artists to get in touch, with the hope of using the arts as a platform for advocacy and relief as and when need and opportunity arises. Be it by way of film, photography, dance, spoken word, fashion, music, paintings, crafts and even graffiti. The point is to use the gift of art as a vehicle for change, a tool for education and a channel for empowerment. Social media, visual arts and informal education have proven a trust-able means to address and impress the youth. By exploiting this channel, Im certain The ART-ivist knows that to make an observation is to have an obligation. So feel free to be a part in any way you can or deem fit. Get in touch. Join us and lend your voice, your time, your mind and your talent to a worthy cause. A laborer is one who works with his hands. A craftsman is one who employs his mind. But its only the artist that works with his body, mind and soul.

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