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Kingsley Iweka


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Writing. Content Development. Media. Online Publishing. Digital Marketing.

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Iweka Kingsley is the Author of Fiction Novella, DAPPLED THINGS and Founder of Africa-OnTheRise.com, Winner of the 2016 African Blogger Awards for “Best Blog about Africa” and “Best Social Issues and Active Citizenship Blog”. He is Creative Writer and Communications Consultant based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Project Overview


Africa-ontherise represents the new generation of Africans that are young, passionate and highly exposed to information and updates at the speed of a click. It comprises of two elements: an online blog that shares only positive and progressive news about Africa and this consequently feeds the second element which is a group of young, creative Africans making good things happen for themselves and their communities. The blog feeds the young creative(s) with inspiration and positive conversations. I believe that one of the very effective ways to emphasize hope in Africa is to alter the conversations of its people. If there is a good dose of positive and progressive news and stories being administered to as many Africans, then it would not be so hard to spread the message of hope that will inspire a better continent. www.africa-ontherise.com is the product of an idea born of extended and intense faith and passion for a continent that has been held back by ignorance and despair. Its core objective is to inspire hope and courage by monitoring and sharing progressive and positive news, stories, interviews and events from across Africa and Africans in diaspora.

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