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Edward B Saimon

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Collaborator, partner and funding to run vocational training to girls and women from rural areas; the training is structured in a way that it can be converted into managing small business ventures for unemployment reduction.

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Umoja wa wawezeshaji KIOO is a voluntary non-political, non-religious, and non-profit sharing organization that was found in 2001 and officially registered in 2004 under NGO Act. KIOO is based in the town of Kigoma, primarily operating in the Kigoma region in western part of Tanzania. KIOO’s vision is a Tanzanian society where every individual is free from poverty, injustice and lives in dignity.
KIOO’s mission is to advocate for women rights to own land and other property including decision making, better education and vocational skills for children young people, people with disability and women, environmental, agriculture and food security, good governance and accountability, health system strengthening, child protection and taking action to water sanitation problems in the community. KIOO believes that all people are equal, and the world is a good place where all people are cared for, where everyone’s needs are met, respected and valued.

KIOO has been working in Kigoma since 2004. We have realized that young people are facing challenges in accessing their daily basic needs; girls are the most affected by the problem. In the fishing camps and tobacco farming areas they are used as cheap labour. The heads of the fishing camps use their financial power to manipulate girls and to harass them sexually. KIOO proposed to build their capacity through vocational, business and entrepreneurship training.

Our intervention has been to strengthen economic of youth women and people with disability through vocational training that offers practical based skills on tailoring, carpentry, masonry, welding, soap and batik making, chicken breeding, Advanced IT, solar making as well as entrepreneurship and business management skills. Upon graduation graduates will be grouped into groups and given start-up kits as a loan instead of a gift to allows them to start their ventures.Supporting graduates through mentoring and grooming program and increasing access to new markets.The focus is on ‘Applied learning’ represents desired pedagogical approach to facilitate ‘walk the talk’ reflecting expectation. An ‘applied learning’ articulate and guiding teaching collaboration and integrating student in learning by ensuring assessment tasks are authentic and applied.