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I have talents and expertise in handcrafts since a child. By optimizing my village's natural resources: palmyra palm tree, my family and I use it to be unique souvenirs and have potential markets. I combine my expertise in English language, leadership, social passionate, and arts-culture to be solution and contribution to solve problems which my local community faces.

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I am a social enthusiast from the Eastern part of Paradise Island, Bali.
Living in a far-go to place, Tianyar Barat Village, does not mean that I need to stay away from the dreams. However, it means I have to broaden my perspectives to ‘Making My Dream Comes True”.
I love gathering with people to discuss new ideas along with a diversity group, working with team, a confident and a motivated-motto holder for “Nothing is Impossible!”
I have showcased an interest and commitment for positive societal changes, and I am willing to reflect, develop, and enhance the notion of women, youth and village empowerment with social entrepreneurship.
Being independent, active, creative, innovative, and communicative are weapons for me to be eligible ‘login’ to the globalization era like nowadays in which sociopreneurship is very challengeable and valuable idea to be collaborated with.
Experiencing on the handmade I working since I was very young and breathing in a socio-cultural place like Bali-Indonesia are something that I am grateful for. Moreover, living in Bali where the potentials like culture, nature, people is the blessing. I found myself really there!
Thus, on this focused-on going dream, me with Cilota Bali, I believe that I can change my life and the all things within, together, be a better one.
For village, country, and family; I love!

I had experiences in some organizations including leadership and social service communities as volunteer, project leader of Rumah Kreatif Cilota. I once was the chairman of National Humanity Olympiad in my college (Faculty of Arts) and now as one of members of National Small Micro Enterprise Community in Indonesia, Indonesian Student Entrepreneur Networks (ISEN), and Junior Member of Association of Exporters and Producers of Indonesian Handicraft. Having lots of experiences since a child in handcraft, I am designing and improving my ideas to develop my handcraft-soft skills become more skillful-compatible handcraft designer to my local community in the village. By there, I do want to contribute more and create more positive impacts to end the extreme poverty by providing job creation and decent work and economic growth (two of SDGs) with the project I have been creating; Cilota Bali – by using and optimizing our own natural resources and villagers.

In 2018, to test and move my idea into more stronger preparation, my team and I joined national business plan competition and we got first winner among tens of Indonesian team. Jump to 2019, our ideas of our project was brought in international competition named Social Innovation Competition held by Impaction and Because International-USA, we were placed at TOP 5 Winner among hundreds of teams worldwide. At the same time, we also came as one of awardees on National Young Entrepreneur by the Ministry of Sports and Youths of Indonesia.

I do believe, those are some parts of my challenges and motivations to do better and keep growing with stable legacy and mission which I stated, ” Cilota Bali becomes the biggest processing and development of Palmyra Palm Tree (Borassus flabellifer) in Bali which carry out the Indonesian social, cultural, economy, and environmental values all at once”.

With collaboration and networks, hand-by-hand, nothing will be impossible and we can stand out together to achieve our dreams!

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I Komang Sukarma


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