Comment on: Wi Yon FarmSalone
July 10, 2020 14:12

Brilliant business idea addressing the issues of local products in Africa is a major problem affecting the lives of local farmers, starting this initiative with help to create a market for onions and adding value to it is very much impressive to say. Wish you the best of luck.

June 19, 2020 10:02

Great idea indeed for the pregnant woman within Tanzania and Africa as a whole, this has been a challenge issue since. But it's will be good if you provide a space for those pregnant women living in remote villages within your country, how they can access your services because many lacks ICT experience. I will recommend you try to create first and awareness campaign at the remote villages on what you intend to achieve. Am open to collaborate with you on this project.

Please take a look at mine!

Comment on: Internapp
June 6, 2020 20:27

Hey Israel your idea is good connecting people with the internet opportunities and providing more jobs for youths in Nigeria, it's of great essence to discover the underlying internet marketing skills for young people in Africa i think your business is addressing such. But just be mindful about the amount you paying to your workers but you are starting and you need more resource to boost your audience.

June 6, 2020 20:09

The idea is very much ideal helping local farmers with seeds fertilizers and pesticides is a major boost towards their farming activities, and i think implementing this project will yield more success in the Agricultural sector towards eradicating poverty and hunger in Nigeria. Local farmers are really finding it very much difficult in accessing seeds and quality fertilizers for their farming process.

Comment on: Together we can
June 4, 2020 21:50

This is a great business idea addressing the issues of poverty affecting the lives and future of may youths in our communities, Unemployment is a major concern in Africa and it's may lead to uprising tension in any country and the implementation of such project in Nigeria where unemployment rate is on the highest level it's will be of essential help to the youths.

Comment on: Aeon Art Studio
May 26, 2020 13:51

Great business idea it's very much viable for implementing. Keep up with the ability to work efficiently and effectively on your initiative as an entrepreneur.
However, I have reviewed your idea it is a scalable business idea hope to promote and change the lives of artists.

Thanks with Regards please review my business idea.