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Due to previous experiences of working with a range of people in the Health care sector, I believe that throughout my time on various work placements with people who are vulnerable and lack basic healthcare services, would make me understand them batter and be of help to them with an added advantage of being a Qualified Licensed Registered Nurse.

To further my interest in supporting the vulnerable groups, I completed a course in childcare. Throughout this course I was able to gain valuable experience of working with special needs children. While this was very challenging I also found it an extremely rewarding and enjoyable experience.

To further my knowledge and passion for working with people I took a health and community teams and Antenatal Adherence course and took a week’s Voluntary experience in a 24hour government health centre in a rural community where I identified a urge gap that needed urgent attention that included high infant mortality rates, maternal deaths, lack of basic medical requirements like gloves that increases spread of infection.

This again helped to broaden my understanding of what this vulnerable group goes through and how the passionate midwives struggle with a patient ratio of 1: 20.

I currently Run Health teams Uganda with partnership with city medical centre to provide antenatal care, Family planning services, Vaccination and primary health care advice in the community and to the most vulnerable groups.

Everyone deserves a better life with at least access to basic health care, that’s why we began health teams Uganda.

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Kosmas Malinga