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Business Development, Business Operation, Marketing,

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developing my leadership skill and idea present skills. And my idea about smart farming so, it will be great if I get a mentorship on this sector.

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Business graduate, with prior professional experience in both the telecommunication and banking sector of Bangladesh. I later entered the startup ecosystem of Bangladesh by launching Hellolaundry.com.bd as a founder in 2015, the first-ever online laundry service in Bangladesh.

In December 2017, I co-founded EndingScene.com, the leading animation studio in Bangladesh. I have served as the head of sales bringing in 100+ corporate clients in a span of year.

I co-founded Kajkey.com a freelancer marketplace in October 2018 and worked as COO, to drive operational growth and sales.

In 2020 I have looked into the agrotech sector and founded Krishian, a hydroponic technology-based startup. Currently I am working as CEO at Krishian.

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Ahsan Mollick


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