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Agriculture Graduate, Agriculture Scientist, Environmental activist

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I am an agriculture graduate and environmental activist. I believe that only the revolution in the field of education can lead a country towards the success. I am 26 years old. My father is a shopkeeper and My mother is a house-wife.

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In the existing world, food production loss or post harvest loss which is up to 30 % as we all know. If we can reduce this level ultimate 30% production of food is enhanced. Regarding production techniques the entrepreneur can perform commercialized agriculture practices that will specialize the production of the specific products in specific pocket areas which promotes the food production. As we know use of chemical fertilizer affect sustainable production which could be implemented by adopting the improved varieties which will increase the production. The entrepreneur can collect all the different aspects of food production, loss and promoting the sustainability and can make a video documentary along with the experts of agriculture which will be disseminated in the world. As well as, we will focus on the pocket areas to specialize the production of agricultural commodities which will we think reduce the half of the food security problems. In this video we will also elaborate the future calamities of this issue and the entrepreneur can encourage people to act regarding it for their future of next 30 year, 60 years or 90 years and as well as their grand children future because we believe in sustainability and we can achieve it.

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