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Founder of Stick Soap(made from kepok banana peel and jelantah oil) Idea

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Name : Kristina Paseru
Gender : Female
Age : 21 years
Major : Mathematic
University : Universitas Hasanuddin
Nationality : Indonesia
Email : [email protected]
My Idea : Utilization Kepok Banana Peel and Jelantah Oil as Stick Soap

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Utilization Kepok Banana Peel and Jelantah Oil as Stick Soap

there are many problems are facing the world where still difficult to covered such as : stick soap are revolving in the market is not friendly for environment and our health, the materials are using for making stick soap can not be continue because derived from fossil, jelantah oil which can not be used again is dumping to environment by people which can make the environment become unhealthy. Not only that problems, sometimes small industries do not want to dump their jelantah oil because they think they will be damaged if they do that, so another way they take are sell it to retailer. I am also very sad to see that action because we know that jelantah oil very dangerous for our health if it used again. Another problems are because there many people in my city who are unempolyment and also banana peel like kepok banana peel if we just dump it will causing the greenhouse gases. As we know that one of the main material of soap is oil ( plant oil or animalistic oil ). I choose it because in my city, so easy to find jelantah oil especially in small industries like peanut industry,fried banana industry,etc. the same thing with kepok banana peel. kepok banana peel when we extract, it will generated a liquid, which this liquid is contain high silica. Silica very useful for our health where can make our skin are clean and smooth. To make this stick soap,actually everyone can do it because very easy and also to produced it, is not needing the big fund.

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