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Supply chain operations in garment industry, fashion and graphic design, business development in export house and retailer, social media marketing, colloquium and branding

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I am a fashion design graduate from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai. I have 3+ years of work experience in supply chain operations, business development and strategy, and visual merchandising across various spheres in the fashion industry – a design label, a fashion technology and retail start-up, a leading retailer, an export house, and even handicraft.

For my varied experience, I have a very sound idea of workings of not just one format in fashion industry, but of several. I consider my wide knowledge and my network my biggest strengths, owing to which I could start my public charitable trust called Silk Route with the aim to connect artisans to a fair and inclusive market through exhibitions, online channels, mall kiosks, and other collaborations, at nearly zero cost and zero inventory. This wouldn’t have been possible without a very supportive network I gained through my extensive work experience and fashion education.

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Kashwin Sahaiya