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I am a Safety Health and Environment Practitioner, I am passionate about Environmental issues. I possess good interpersonal skills , I strive for the emancipation of vulnerable communities.I am interested in Research.

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Interested partners in the field of Sustainable Waste Management, Environmental Management, Safety and Health at the workplace.

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I am currently studying an undergraduate degree in Safety Health and Environmental Management with Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) Zimbabwe. I am in my final year of study. Environmental issues are my passion .This has been nessecitated by my strong rural background. I worked for four years at a giant platinum mine in Zimbabwe (Zimplats) all credit I give to this organisation for it groomed me to become a passionate Environmentalist, from ,Zimplats i joined a consulting company Blonton which specialises in tailings dam design and construction, I then joined Freda Rebecca Gold Mine in Zimbabwe for my internship , During my tenure at Zimplats I completed various courses: Safety Representative Course, Safety Health and Environment Management Systems, Industrial Fire Fighting, Behaviour Based Safety, First Aid, Zero Incident Process. I am a member of the online Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI)network and I have attained certificates in Civil Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business Management , Waste Management and Climate Change. I am also a member of the Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust,YETT, an organization which aims at involvement of youth in national decision making processes and empower them to be innovative. Above all I am an advocate of Change, I believe Change can only be effected by us the Youth for we are the future of tommorow.

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Kudzanai Goronga