August 18, 2018 20:20

Thanks Nawrath Minda! I celebrate you and wish you a blessed time ahead. Continue to be tenacious and endeavour to use all applicable comments in the implementation of your idea. I wish you success.

Comment on: Modern barter
August 15, 2018 23:21

Thanks Mbolatiana Marinah Rajaonarison, Omar alhaj mahmoud! I'd love your compliments and your efforts put forward so far in this competition. I wish the efforts be rewarded with success, but the greatest reward is accomplishment of your ideas. Good luck to you.

Comment on: Modern barter
August 15, 2018 21:38

I appreciate all your comments so far. Here is the conclusion of the whole matter for all of us on this platform: Let's make sure we develop our ideas to the level of implementation. Mean while, I congratulate those of you that have the largest number of votes and comments already.

August 15, 2018 21:28

Hello Nawrath Minda! I believe you have rounded things up already. If all the ideas on this platform are implemented, the world would be a better place. If others will not, try at least to implement your idea..That's my token of support for you and your idea.

Comment on: DocPat Helper
August 15, 2018 21:17

Hello! I have tried to vote your project idea but it wasn't possible. But I just want to encourage you to be focused, learn more about topic related to medical Informatics, work more on your project idea in the coming years than any other things. That's my seal of success for you

Comment on: Modern barter
August 15, 2018 16:06

Thanks Gulja Ismailova, The M3N, Nawrath Minda, Rownak, Hyelni/Hassan, Usama for your comments! My delight is to connect with all stake holders and pioneers that will make this idea a success. For some reasons, I won't be able to comment and vote now as you have requested but I shall definitely check your projects' ideas, make my submissions on them and probably vote later today. Together, we will make the world a better place.

Comment on: iUpCycle
August 15, 2018 14:12

Good afternoon! I checked through your project idea, It's awesome. Waste recycling apart from the fact that it's a good way of securing our environment, will be of great economic importance as lots of derivatives are gotten there to reduce dependence on natural mineral resources; It's also a profitable venture . I wish you success

August 15, 2018 13:11

Hello Yash Jain! I discover good motive in your idea...As the name suggests, it's really start up of all start ups on the condition that it sets other start ups going financially. Your website I trust must be one with a strict rule-itemizing the type of start-ups Investors would be interested in, concise modus operandi of the startup, business plans, potential for profit and the likes that Investors would be interested in. With well developed plans for your website, I bet it you can turn any ordinary person visiting your site to an Investor. But do ensure your business's integrity is maintained; also make sure it's sustainable before starting.

August 15, 2018 12:42

Good day! I could understand through your concept the propagation of sound education from one country to the other. Considering the financial responsibilities attached to it, this concept should first launch as a National Program and within a particular unit or community in this or similar format: The best pupils in grade V, VI teach pupils in grade II, III in the same school or community. The best students in Senior Secondary I, II teach students in Junior Secondary I, II in the same school or within the same community. By so doing, learning and integration will be made possible.

August 14, 2018 22:32

Hello Usama! I watched your project video and felt challenged the more...The Youth population should be included in government plans, and their due right and protection must be provided. I'm happy the not too young to contest bill was signed some months ago in my country. The way forward is that after the social cohesion through conferencing, seminars, use of the media, you should propose a bill for the protection of the youth population in your country. Don't be radical in your approach but clearly explain to the leaders in your country areas the right of youths have been neglected. Good luck and peace to you and all other youths you represent!