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I am very good at planning and execution of which ever goal l set to achieve. I am well experienced in agricultural production and leather works (shoes and bags making).

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Financial support to implement my big "innovative ideas"

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My name is LADI BULUS, I am 25 years old, from Nigeria. I am a graduate of BACHELOR IN AGRICULTURE.

I was admitted into a boarding school at the age of seven, that made me to become very independent since I was always away from home, that independence made me able to do things myself and in my own way, with that i gain confidence in myself which makes almost everything I do a success. I have received OCP Africa scholarship award from OCP Africa Fertilizer Nigeria Ltd, 2021 Best graduating Student of the year Award and also 2021 Best student entrepreneur of the year award from the Nigerian association of agricultural student, Kaduna State Chapter.

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Ladi Bulus