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I have a very good experience in modelling, fashion and business. Good adaptation to new technologies

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People and organisation to invest ideas, mentorship, to network, marketing and branding for the company to reach its highest potential. I believe with the right resources and discipline, the business will strive for better and contribute to the country's economy and employment.

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Born and raised in a village at the northern part of Namibia. After high school I went for university at the Namibian University of Science and Technology, majoring in Accounting and Finance. Unfortunately I have to drop out as my family couldn’t afford my school fees. It was very sad and made me lose hope. Growing up I had a hobby and talent of modelling and fashion which lead me being crowned as Miss Onamunhama 2019 ( my village). I decided to pursue it and luckily I end up walking for London Fashion week on several occasions, Top Model Worldwide finalist 2018, Fashion TV model 2019 and offering modelling classes to Namibian aspiring models. After launching the fastest growing online shop in Namibia 2018, I got awarded the Southern African Development Community Top 100 Young Leader 2019 overall winner in the category of Innovator

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