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Lucie Marie Carmelle Gagnon


Project Overview


This project is a Professional school of underprivileged kids,young adult and adult of one of the poorest neighborhood in Haiti.This project will be the 2nd phase of a primary school established in the area in the late 80s and the first professional school in the area.weve been educating kids since 1983 and now we want to launch the 2nd phase with the professional school because most of the young adult after obtaining their high school diploma stop going to school because of the cost and prefer being a member of gangs.Half the staff that will be working on this project will be from the neighborhood and all the courses that we will teach will be technical course (EX.electricity,plumbing,tiling,basic computer graphic,driving school and alphanetisation(its a mix of alphabetization and basic computer skills)and a temporary altar for the talented ones.

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