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Waste Management, Climate change, Renewable energy

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I Graduated as a Bachelor of Science in Green Technology from the University of Ruhuna in 2016 with a 2nd class. During my higher studies, I developed an interest in waste management and renewable energy. After graduated, I was offered a job as a management trainee in Janathakshan Gte Ltd. After working for one year, I was promoted as an assistant manager for my hard work on the Municipal waste recycling program. The municipal waste recycling program is being executed in the western coast of Sri Lanka to reduce the use of plastics usage in supermarkets, hotels and the fishery harbour in order to prevent ocean pollution by plastics. During this project, I got the chance to develop my network with recyclers and collectors. Then I realized the main gaps in waste management of the plastic recycling industry. I was nominated to attend the Circular Economy conference in Germany, as I had a keen interest in plastic waste management. My goal is to become a successful businessperson and a expert in the waste management sector.

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Lakshitha Paranagamage