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Web and Mobile App Development, Data Analysis, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, Project Management

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To create a personal smart nutritionist for each individual, we require a vast quantity of information on meals with accurate nutritional value. According to our calculations, when we reach 10,000 users, our artificial intelligence will have sufficient data to develop a personalized algorithm for dietary suggestions. To make this happen, we would require effective mentoring and dissemination of our concept. We are a group of developers and researchers working on a variety of projects, which makes us technically competent. However, we lack the means for production. As server maintenance costs increase over time, we can execute the project even with little funds.

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Hi there! My name is Diwash Lamichhane, and I’m a recent high school graduate who loves all things related to computers, especially Web Development, Programming, and Data Science. My passion lies in developing and applying cutting-edge methods to save human lives. As the Ecstatic Paradox’s Web Department Head, I’m working on a website where we try to amalgamate physics with technology by doing academic research, computer situations, and physics articles. The website has published more than 30 articles, including five research papers. In addition, I am working as a web developer at Aura-ed, an organization whose mission is to improve the literacy rate worldwide. I feel that I am making a reasonable contribution to the creation of useful goods and the dissemination of accessible scientific information. Currently diagnosed with tuberculosis, I got the idea to make a nutrition-centric app that could make people’s diets more conscientious and help them to prevent further risk. Things like this always motivate me to develop as a person and come up with a workable plan. This concept won the Youth Innovation Challenge 2022, held by Social Changemakers and Innovators (SOCHAI), a Reckitt-sponsored event, and was also a finalist in Provathon 2022, one of Nepal’s largest hackathons. When I see a life crawling, it inspires me to help it stand.

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Diwash Lamichhane