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Landër Islami


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Leadership, Youth-Empowerment, International Relations and Diplomacy, Reconciliation, Management, Entrepreneurship, Policy Analysis

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Lokalizo and Voices of Youth Mapping Initiative

The Lokalizo project provides an innovative way to identify and solve environmental and urban issues in order to have safer and healthier communities. Lokalizo addresses the current lack of an efficient way of communication between citizens and the Municipalities Administration regards to identifying the issues, reporting them, keeping updated the citizens on the progress of the issues, and finally promoting the solution. Lokalizo does this through an online mapping platform which enables the citizens which take part in the project and who reside in one of the two Municipalities to report their concerns about community issues to a wide range of institutions such as the Municipal Safety Councils, Kosovo Police, Kosovo Security Force, Civil Society Organizations, and others which form a coalition of partners which provide resources and the knowhow to tackle the most pressing urgent issues in communities. Therefore Lokalizo has four main objectives : 1). To provide an innovative way to identify and solve urban and environmental problems where the citizens (the youth) are the initiators 2). To create a strong coalition of partners which will address the reported community issues that were identified and deemed as most urgent which need immediate remedy/solution/improvement. 3). To create a better interaction between the municipality, citizens, civil society, responsible contracted companies, etc 4). Finally, as a result of the three first objectives, Lokalizo creates a feedback loop where the voices of youth is amplified to that degree where it affects more decision-making processes

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