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Abdulganiyy Oyekunle


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Science Laboratory technician. A social worker, social activist, disability rights advocate, clean environment advocate, WASH advocate. Youth development and advocacy.

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I’m a volunteer that deals in collection of medical and industrial waste, fumigation, facility management, and Recycling. Waste accumulation has posed a great burden on our municipal dumpsite. If I have the opportunity to benefit from this program it will add more knowledge to me and will be able to deliver more by reducing the rate of waste taken to landfill. It will provide more jobs for the youth in our community and improved development. Also, people can come and trade with us without fear of contamination from the pollution which if left unattended to will pose on our community. More so, we can convert more waste in to wealth through recycling. We received several calls from community members on daily basis the demand we are unable to meet. Hence, I believe this program will also help me in fulfilling my dream to provide solutions to the problems and maintained an eco-friendly society. Thanks

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