August 16, 2017 05:48

I think the difference between our project and those travel website outside is we not only create a social network for users but also a marketplace for those user are local business owners for helping their business, Goldcation can be used to spread a company's message for free, fee-based advertising options are also available.

Comment on: ETAXI
August 11, 2017 14:37

Sebastian Rivera

Great Project, I like it so much.I hope next day will see your idea in Malaysia. Hope you achieve you goal in future.

Larry Cho

August 6, 2017 17:48

Zeba Khan

Thanks for your comment, I think one of our advantage is that we do not charge any fee from user, Not matter you are selling your business or service. With the power of social network we hope that we can help those businesses that have not been noticed by people in local place. Speaking of funding, we will find investors for start-up fund.