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Thank you for taking the time to read my message it’s for the world to see please share this. I will introduce myself I am LarShawn J. Garrard, I prefer to be called LJ born in 1993. I’m 25 years old I work in the restaurant industry, while pursuing my Associates of Science degree to become a clinical psychologist. My undergrad is being achieved at Columbus State Community College, my career goal is going into the field of psychology to update social norms and depression people deal with daily in life. Both of my parents are from Columbus, Ohio I have 12 siblings 10 brothers and 2 sisters. I have lived all over the city and moved to Atlanta, GA several times. I wanted to be an electrician as a child, the owner of my own business some hobbies and a few of the favorite things include video games, working out, thinking of creative ideas, movies, trying new food and travel to new states, watching college and pro football. I’m a huge fan of the Baltimore Ravens,Ohio State Buckeye. I played organized football for most of my life, I love listening to music, discovering new artists.

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LarShawn Garrard