Comment on: EDU-CELL
August 29, 2017 16:29

Kudos to you!
I have read and quoted you as follow "for almost six months, schools in Afghanistan remain closed due to snow and weather constraints. EDU-CELL will ensure that education access is offered throughout the year, besides making education available in the comfort of a students home".

My advice is that you are planning to form an Institute in your country, you therefore need mass recruitment that beyond THREE TEACHERS BESIDE YOU", for effective service delivery. Finally, I quote from scholars who said entrepreneur organizes various resources and identify opportunities, etc. Best of luck to you and me in our future endeavor.

August 22, 2017 12:22

Thanks for your commendation. Let us work together as 2017 Campus Colleagues! A parable of my article can be referred as Allow solution(s) to be proffered by the person familiar with crisis on the ground". I have been solving peoples problems on entrepreneurship from 2011 to date, and I believe it is high time to inform the World that solution to our societal problems is found among us.

Comment on: Path To Knowledge
August 18, 2017 11:29

Kudos to you! I have read your article and suggested that, you are trying to innovate online tutorial in education sector. Please Google for "SAFSMS.CLOUD", to see what your predecessors have invented. Read in detail to build your initiative perfectly.

June 21, 2017 14:22

Kudos Kemal Abdela!

Please can you provide me video and /or power point presentation for any of the previous programme on innovation. It is my believe that this platform is a second school for every member to realize their potentials for the service of humanity. Thanks

June 18, 2017 14:10

Dear Sheher Bano
Thanks for your question! If my idea is generally endorsed by Nigerian Governments as a road map to empower the secondary schools graduates, I shall seek PATENT RIGHT from Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Investment, on the originality of the software (YES Packages), I wish to introduce to the Nigerian Youth. In short, my organization, Eict Institute Limited, in partnership with UNESCO and its other organizations on this platform, will design a DYNAMIC WEBSITE, and inform Federal Government of Nigeria to direct secondary schools students to visit the website and register. The same circular would be passed to all State Governments of the federation .
At this juncture, all partners: academic and funds supporters are highly welcome.
I must tell you that "What worth doing is worth doing well". Thanks and God bless!

June 8, 2017 13:01

Dear Sukrat,

I believe you will be glad from the below explanation:

A bit like the value proposition canvas, the business model canvas has the product section on the left, and the market section on the right. In the middle, at the intersection of these two words, is your value proposition.
Starting with the product side, what is the problem you are trying to solve? Then write out your solution to the problem. Underneath, write the activities you will measuring on the product side.
Then move to the middle and map your unique value proposition the point where your product intersects with what customers want.
Move on to the market side of the canvas and write your unfair advantage.
What is it about your business that cant easily be copied?
Do you have unique expertise in your team?
Do you have patents or other intellectual property?
Perhaps you are first to market or have relationships with customers or partners that others will struggle to emulate.

Underneath your value proposition, list your channels.
Channels are simply the ways that you reach your customers.
Will you sell a product through retailers?
Will you build your own distribution network of agents?
Will you franchise a brand?
You might have several different channels.

Now move to the bottom of the canvas. On the left map your cost structure.
What are the most expensive parts of your business model?
Do you buy raw materials to make your product?
What about salaries remember your time costs money, so youve got to include
that here.
How much does it cost you to acquire your customers i.e. your marketing costs do
you run advertising, do you have to build a sales team?
Do you have office or warehouse costs, transport costs?
Do you need to pay other suppliers and distributors?
Use this section to map your key costs.

Finally describe your revenue model.
How do you make money?
Do you buy a product at $50 and sell it at $100?
Are you selling advertising space on a website?
Do you provide services to clients, charging them for hours you work?
How much money do you make once you have subtracted the direct costs of making
your product i.e. your gross margin?
All these sections make up your business model.

Conclusively, if you need sample of BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS, e-mail: [email protected] Note that sample of BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS is like table and would be attach in e-mail. Thanks

June 8, 2017 12:05

Dear Sukrat,

I am happy for open up mind on your ambition.
A business model describes the way a company generates money and how does makes a profit.
The business model canvas helps entrepreneurs quickly and simply summarizes and explains their business model in one page. However, if you read my article again, you will find sub heading needed to cover when you are designing your business model canvas. Please Check PLAN FOR IMPLEMENTATION AND SUSTAINABILITY.

Yes, I could be your mentor, kindly Google for Eict Institute Limited or
If you have any challenge to interpret questions asked on business plan to submit for any investor, kindly visit us on the above link or e-mail: [email protected]

June 6, 2017 12:55


My company is a Profit Making Oriented. Nigerian Youth are aware of what the Private Training Centres are charging for the programs. What I can introduce in addition is to assist the youth enjoy multiple skills acquisition after their first payments and after I might have received grants from International body. Thanks

June 6, 2017 12:42

Dear Entrepreneur!
I am glad to receive your feedback! However, if you have attempted assignments on this platform, especially, "RECOMBINING WHAT ALREADY EXISTS", you must have grasp about innovation and invention. At this juncture, you should designed your APPLICATION SOFTWARE that can at least guess of SUB HEADINGS after submitting topic on ESSAY WRITING. Copy the Mind Map Software that guess about other requirements needed for your business plan.

May 25, 2017 12:00

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