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I consider myself a great leader, because I am always the one to taking the first step in handling a situation and settling everything down. As an Advertising student, I am an outgoing person and I like to be around people working with and for them. Besides Portuguese, my native tongue, I speak English and Spanish and I am always learning something new about other countries and cultures, because I believe that it's the exchange of experiences that builds a great person and, therefore, a great professional. It's for having this kind of belief and always trying to understand others that I’ve lived in Portugal, England and Spain while attending exchange programs. Such possibilities of travelling, studying, living abroad and being around all kinds of people, made me who I am today.

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As a peaceful person, I am always looking forward to solving conflicts and trying to achieve the well-being of the society that I am a part of. In Brazil, a tremendous part of its population is ignored by the governments and lives in dangerous areas with no proper infrastructure. In Fortaleza, the city that I live, some poor neighborhoods become flooded when it rains, so together with my colleagues we have developed at our university a project focused on trying to find ways to prevent those areas flooding and creating means of draining the water. What we are looking for is investigating the problem in its roots since it's been there since the city’s construction and its first occupations and how to better improve it.

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Being a girl in a developed country has always been a challenge but how could I miss the chance of working with something I love and care deeply about? Creativity has always been something that moves me, our ability to constantly come up with new ideas and concepts and setting them into motion. That’s why I chose to study advertising.
Despite being an industry that’s heavily influenced by time and change and keeping up with trends (specially diversity issues) the ad industry still has a lot of ground to cover when it comes to diversity within its ranks. It’s ironic when you think about how much media worries about showing diversity to its spectators but how little it worries to make the same change inside of it.
Being a girl in this industry (and in my group) I hope to make positive change to the diversity scenario and inspire other girls as well.

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Laura Monteiro