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Lauren Butler


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KADO (Kenyan Artists with Disability Organisation)

KADO is a unique and innovative concept developed to change the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people in the world. This exciting project will allow persons living with disability in Kenya to obtain a free, quality vocational education in arts, craft and trade. Working as a community based non-profit in the Nyanza province (region of Kenya with the highest rate of disability), KADO will provide local PWDs with the opportunity to transform their lives. As one of the most marginalized groups in Kenya, PWDs suffer from cultural prejudice, stigma and discrimination. Traditional beliefs, deeply rooted in Kenyan culture, hold that disability is a curse, a result of witchcraft, and can bring deep shame to families. In some cases, PWDs are isolated, neglected and physically abused. KADO is a project that will bring hope to PWDs suffering under this cultural stigma. Through the expression of their voices, stories and experiences through the arts, KADOs greatest goal is to challenge, defy and change the nations perception of disability. The project will train artists, and promote their work throughout Kenya. KADO will run technical classes in dance performance, jewellery-making, tailoring and more. Our students will receive practical hands-on training, and these skills learnt will enable our artists to develop a financially self-supporting livelihood, and liberate themselves from the cycle of extreme poverty. KADOs three core objectives: 1. Provide local PWDs with a free education in arts, craft or trade, which will equip them with the necessary vocational skills and knowledge to create a financially self-sustaining new livelihood. 2. Provide a safe, creative space for PWDs to express their feelings and experiences through artistic forms. 3. Represent and promote students work nationally and internationally, to improve their economic, social and cultural status, and to challenge the stigma attached to disability in Kenya.

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