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Am specialist of mechanics engineering to inspection and repairing automobile problems by using Computerized machines and manually also am designer/ creative, i can use iron materials to make furniture and simple machines.

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I am a fresh graduate from a collage currently am still finding an employment so that a can rise the fund on my own to start up this project , but also I continue to find different donors that can provide fund to implement this project that am sure can help many youth

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Am Gaz`wat Juma, Male aged 27 Years , Live in Dar es salaam Tanzania, A m Mechanical Technician having a Basic Certificate Grade III Of Mechanics Engineering from DSM RVTCS COLLEGE TANZANIA and Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Restless youth Development, i have skills and work experience of dealing with automobile mechanics for 3 years specialized on technical Engine, Gear box, truck air/ hydraulic system and operator of Computerized wheel alignment/ balance , I have ability to manage the company and creative in business

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gazwat juma