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JUSTICE MOROYEI is a public speaker, career success coach, Leadership coach and an Aspiring Entrepreneur. Whose voluntary services have impacted and influence numerous university students at Benin Republic. He is a multi-Gifted motivational speaker, conference facilitator, mentor to several youths, and a source of inspiration to many other youths and young people.

His personal messages and quotes have reach out to several youths on societal platforms and still aspire to impact more lives and to reach out to Billions out there. He’s also a prolific writer of motivational books and several write ups on Academia.edu.

Justice Moroyei is the Founder and President of UNDER 30 CEOs INITIATIVE, a global Network of young people aspiring to become Entrepreneurs and Financial Educators. He’s was Lecturer at Zenith Vocational School in Benin Republic, Cotonou. A coordinator at Vision-Information-People (VIP World), An Affiliate marketer of Vemma Nutrition Company in USA, Arizona, and a one time Assistant Manager of Sky Power Venture in Benin Republic, Cotonou.

Justice Moroyei was born in sagbama, a Local government Headquarter in Bayelsa State, Nigeria to a family of eleven children, June 18, 1994. But overcame the unbelievable odds and challenges while growing up to emerge as a active young man, a Leader of young people, as a renowned inspirational speaker, Author and a success coach.

Justice Moroyei finished his secondary school with the help of a church scholarship and also travelled out of Nigeria by a government scholarship. As a single parent child, He faced a lot of challenges from teenage, but stood up from Nothing to becoming something by making Himself know and successful.

Because of this odds and personal challenges, he stand a chance to Educate other youths on how to succeed and achieve their Life dreams, Visions and Ambitions in the mist of odds. He is presently pursuing a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from the University of Benin, Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria.

The motivational passion and vision of Justice Moroyei is to “Raising World Achievers”. His message and desire is to help others maximize their individual potential transcends of age, culture, religion, occupation, Academic career, race and creeds. His central message is the discovery of personal life purpose, pursuit of personal Vision, manifestation of personal Leadership potential, Maximization of potentials and Talents, and financial Education.

But he achieved all this with a positive attitude and knowing the fact that success is not in school results, but in Life results.

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Justice Moroyei