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Public speaking, soccer, DJying, MC, good communicator, sales person.

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I am a boy from the outercity of Orange Farm South Johannesburg. Living with my mom, sister, niece and nephew. My father passed away in 2015, I actually loved the idea of being an entrepreneur one day all I needed was the drive! I saw how the industrial revolution changing things at workplaces I decided to do something that can change the employment system in my creative way! I saw how these companies like the car wash company and the water company do have people working for them but the people are getting less and less. I came up with a marketing skill that can help both the youth in my township by giving them jobs and get them paid in order to change their lives! I started a company called Le Java Waters simply just purified mineral water to change the mindset of the usage of water where we live since we also having a crisis of water shortage!

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Baile Diphoko