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Leadership, creative, social emprendeneur, committed

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An interdisciplinary and international team committed to the transformation of their country.

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I am the president and founder of Educación para Transformar and. I am president of Chapter IPEA-IPN “think and do tank” of young students
high importance in America. I won the medal Bernardo Quintana Arrioja 2013 in the Leadership category.

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Leonardo Espinosa


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Educate to transform - Social Educational Responsability

Being a young citizen body to generate innovative ideas in education, assist in the work they do government agencies to ensure educational quality. Being a model application, generation and transformation of knowledge, that is, use what I learned in school for projects to benefit their community, forming students with Educational Social Responsibility, that reward with strategic actions to progress and sustainable development of their country. All this can be carried out through the formation of interdisciplinary teams of highly effective pre-university or college students who meet the profile of consultant-coach, which have the task of taking for 4 months a group of students with performance problems school, in this period will be given tools for life and not for the workplace, ie will see science as a way to transform the reality we live in, with a clear and simple application approach; shall be accorded tools to improve their learning and encourage the initiative to learn on their own, forming independent leaders who can help their environment from what they know and what they know. Weekly youth volunteer brigades that will focus on areas where there is a serious lack of education requesting a voluntary fee to the beneficiaries will be formed. Educational Social Responsibility factor is the innovative project is a social norm that seeks students from public and private institutions to propose solutions based on their skills and knowledge to solve personal and social problems on a smaller scale . We seek a revolution of thought in which the potential of every child and youth to propose and implement solutions to common problematic take advantage. Knowledge should not be left only in mind.

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