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Agribusiness, aimed at the management and introduction of oregano (Origanum vulgare) in the diet of dairy cattle in order to reduce the emission of gases that cause the study effect arising from the process of enteric fermentation of these animals in the intensive activity of production.

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The project demands a large amount of technology and laboratory infrastructure, so I look for partners to carry out the necessary analyzes and the integral animal assistance for the welfare of the animals and involved with the experiments

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I have a technical training in agriculture by the Federal Institute Catarinense – Rio do Sul, a stage held at the State University of Santa Catarina (UDESC) in two research projects involving the dairy cattle knowledge area. I am trained by the Environmental Military Police of Santa Catarina with the title of best student in the Program of Environmental Protectors of the State of Santa Catarina. I am currently studying veterinary medicine at the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

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Leticia Godoi Rosa