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Aigerim Kassymova


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Life.beats is cloud-synced medication reminder app designed at helping families prevent emergencies caused by medication non-compliance. It is not just mobile application, it includes web-service and a way to share your medication information with whomever you want (physicians, pharmacists, caregivers, health coaches, etc.) to make sure the entire healthcare team has up-to-date information. It creates healthcare ecosystem among patient: medication therapy, family, physicians, pharma and health insurance companies. With Life.beats app, users enter their medications or supplements, timing, and doses. Like many existing adherence apps, Life.beats reminds patients when its time to take their medication. It also automatically alerts them to potentially dangerous interactions between medications. The app also includes a personal health journal. Life.beats uses game design principles. The app has an in-game currency users can earn by taking medications on time, and a leveling up system. By leveling and saving up, users can unlock real-world rewards with Life.beats partners and rewards at pharmacies and stores. Right now, the majority of apps and devices are focused on external data - how far you run, how many steps you take, the number of calories you burn. We are also tracking sleep, blood pressure, heart rate, saliva, urine analysis, and more. We also attaching paralleled data, such as, geolocation, day time, weather conditions - atmospheric pressure, humidity, solar activity, etc. This will provide an even more comprehensive look at both overall lifestyles and the specific areas that require the most attention to both prevent illness and allow users to lead a healthier life. Report shows not just changes in your weight or blood pressure, but also analyzes influence of your sleep, physical activity, outdoor exercises on health. Life.beats provides feedback and creates your health plan.

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