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My fields of expertise include food processing, volunteering, blogging, mentoring, writing, researching. As an Entrepreneur I am talented in baking, writing, conflict resolution, encouraging, cooking, inspiring people, teaching, training and coaching. My expert skills include problem solving, creativity, team working, leadership skills, time management skills, planning skills

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am Lily Douere Bandotubo, 29 years old. I was born in Warri-Delta State, Nigeria. In my primary school I was one of the academically brilliant student’s so I was awarded scholarship to complete my secondary school. Despite walking with the aid of crutches, I wanted to study Medicine in higher institution. In 2005, I gained admission into Delta State Polytechnic Ozoro, Nigeria to study Agricultural Technology and I graduated with a National Diploma. In 2010, I wrote a book titled Poetry of Inspiration with Commentary on Words of Wisdom, Volume 1, that same year I gained admission into Niger Delta University to study Medicine, was happy my dream will be accomplished. In 2011, I had surgery on my lower limbs so I could start walking erect with a steel crutches but could not cope with studies after surgery and I was withdrawn from Medicine. I transferred with a CGPA of 3.24 from Medicine to Medical Laboratory Science but the transferred was delayed and after pressure from my dad the HOD told my dad I can transfer because am walking with crutches. I cried for days but motivated myself never to give up. In 2015, I applied for Skills and Entrepreneurship Programme (STEP), a government programme and I was selected for the three months training. In 2016 I was awarded certificate of recognition as the best trainee of Catering and Confectionery. This was how my Entrepreneurship journey started and since then it has resulted to success stories. In 2017, I was selected to participate for YALILEARNS Conference for Emerging Entrepreneurs and in 2018 I became YALILEARNS alumni. In 2018 I was a participant of YALI RLC cohort 10 and during my community development I introduced Entrepreneurship Education into school where I taught them how to bake cake and snacks.

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Lily Bandotubo


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