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My name is Le Dam Hong Loc, I come from Vietnam. Currently, I am 17 years old and study in Luong Van High School for The Gifted, my major is Math . Many would think that I am too young to become an entrepreneur due to lack of practical experience. However, I always hope to be a great social entrepreneur and as long as I believe in that, I will keep working hard and experience more regardless of the failures I have made. For one year since I realize my dream and passion, i have participated in many competitions in many fields such as international writing competition Trinity Writing, speaking competitions like EF Challenge (Top 44) , video-making contest PLURAL+, 3rd place in provincial traditional martial art contest… and the recent one in terms of entrepreneurship is won a full scholarship and merit award in Rocket Pitch Competition from YEA Camp (entrepreneurship camp held by Babson College). With those experience and knowledge, I understand the potential as well as the value of each field, which is promising for me to pursuit my dream. In medical field, I have worked at a local clinic as a pharmacist for over 4 years and thereby have a certain knowledge and experience in diagnosis, which is believed to make my project more credible. However, as I have lived in a developing country for 17 years, I understand the difficulties residents in my country might have according to medical and emergency. This somehow inspired me to come up with this conceptual idea.

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Le Dam Hong Loc