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Business Executive with over 12 years running a consulting practice in Business Support, Training, Coaching and Mentorship in accordance with international best practice, using integrated value chain models that propel business to be formal, compliant and sustainable

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Nkubu Advisory is a professional service firm that was established by a visionary, experienced and multi-disciplinary team of Quality Lead Auditors, Business Improvement Practitioners and Process Re-Engineers who envisaged a need to provide value-added commercial support that creates, develops and sustains high growth businesses. Our intention is to design and implement customized business solutions that solve everyday business problems and challenges, making business make sense.

We have assisted SMMEs with up over 200 companies through start-up, growth and expansion assists with access to markets and finance, training, coaching and mentorship through a number of government support agencies. Our business model has been to simplify business processes, systems and approaches to a small business.

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Lydia Sepeng Ndimande